Our education material on mental health have been used by health workers and doctors as a training manual. One of the childrens story book has been adapted part of school curiculum for teaching refugee children English language.

  1. Understanding Mental Health Somali Language
  2. How to better care for People with mental health problem from East Africa Information for caregivers.
  3. Publication in four community language on CHD, Tuberculosis, How to keep warm in the winter information for old people
  4. Keeping fit
  5. Nutritional education publication in 5 community languages
  6. As result of community awareness on TB 12 are hospitalised within one month as tuberculosis is taboo in our community.
  7. Children story books developed by Carenet has been used by schools
  8. Autism Awareness publication in Somali language
  9. Drug and alcohol education for parent’s publication in four community languages.
  10. Violent prevention information for parents
  11. Domesitc Violent hurts whole family publications 4 community languages